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Bear Purdie

In memory of the sweetest soul 13 May 2005 to 9 June 2017 Bear, I held you when you crossed the rainbow bridge. You were my best friend, my son, my companion. R.I.P Mr Bear…always loved, never forgotten. The love of my life….Bear…the big black Labrador who touched so many people’s lives…..he will always be remembered as part of Williamstown beach swimming community in particular and Mischa’s boxing gym in Footscray where he w a stalwart…life won’t be the same without you mate….



Tommy you were only 2 when we first rescued you from Animal Welfare League, we never owned a dog before, the excitement of finally having a dog was magical, I’ll never forget tbabyhe day that we got you, at the door their you were growling and bit my Sisters finger the first door, the first night mum and dad made me put you in the Laundry but you kept scratching and crying, so i snuck you in to my room, after that the rest was history our love grew more and more each day, you protected me from danger, from tears, you were always their for me, you were the one i told all my secrets to and cried to, the one i know who would always be their when I came home, you even used to dig holes and wait at the front door when i was at school, when it was cold you’d snuggle up with me under my blankets, you’ve been through everything with me from my last year of primary school to my last year in Highschool to my 18th Birthday,
You are my loyal companion, someone i could always trust, i moved out of home 2 years ago and you grew to the company of my mum and formed an amazing bond, but you knew i’d never left you and always got a great deal of attention when i was over.
You were the most happiest, protective, beautiful, loyal and a bestfriend to me over the 8 years, my most fondest memory of you was when you would always hold on to me when i tried to put you in the bath my little koala.
On the night of Monday the 26th April, my world crashed, getting that text from my sister saying you haven’t been moving or eating and was getting seriously ill, i broke down crying of the thought of losing my precious tim tam, my baby boy my world. when i saw you lying their and all the pain you were in, i knew it was time for you to go, bringing you to the vet hoping praying their is a miracle that she could save you, and the look she gave me when she saw your precious tounge, i knew it was time to make the hardest decision of my life.
I couldn’t let my bestfriend, my loyal companion suffer and die, i made the hardest chose of my life, to let you go peacefully with being euthanize, that night my dad watched you go, i wish i was strong enough to have been the last one you saw, but you know i want my last memories of you to be alive running freely chasing bikes and cats.
Tommy you will always be in my heart, and I can’t wail till the day we meet again at rainbow bridge, everyday before work i look at the sun and i know its you shinning down on me,
until we meet again rest easy baby boy <3.
Love your grieving owner: Jessica Baylor you are greatly missed and always loved
Jessica Baylor
LIVERPOOL, New South Wales


7th April 2014. Run free my sweet girl Chloe. It was the best thing I ever did, rescuing you 19 years ago and giving you the life that you should have. Free from illness now sweetheart, but it has left me devastated. Cherished forever.
Wandin Nth, Victoria

Monty “monster” Chiaimage_0

Dear Monty, For 15 years and 7 months with me (3 months before me), you were the joy of my life. Where mark is the rock, you were my wind. Whenever I felt melancholy, you were there. Whenever I returned exhausted from the trials of this life, your wide smile found a smile from me returned. How I will cherish the walks we had together! The chasing, the adventures we had in the walks near the eastern freeway, the swimming in the pond, your rolling in the mud after being cleaned and glistening white, your swims near leichhardt bay and rose bay and your initial fears the waves kept coming back, chasing after the horse in centennial park in Sydney, the balmy dusk jumping out to the sea to fetch a ball like a rabbit in the low tides of Mentone beach, the surfing on the back of the waves on your return, your running down the cliffs of Mentone, nearly slipping off Mentone cliffs and holding onto dear life with just a lead and me, running along ocean grove and taking a friend and running from one end of Mentone beach and Aspendale beach as we vainly tried to flail you down. More recently, we will miss hurrying you along the Mentone park, moonee ponds walk, jells park and williamstown as you insisted on sniffing every tree and dog that you walked past. You were an entertainer. You sat on our Christmas turkey, you humped nearly everyone and greeted them with such ecstasy, you could throw and catch a ball and play soccer deftly by yourself, you loved to roll over mark’s recently cleaned carpet/rug, you drank beer, smoked pot and loved curry and went to places we tell you not to go! You loved tuna, chicken and shark cartilage – most of all you loved schmackos and made sure you visited one of our neighbours to get your bag of treats. You were my houdini. You escaped to see kids in the primary school, you ran to see our neighbours (either side and in front for all the houses we lived together), you tried to get as many pats as you could (especially from kids), you did not discriminate against colour or style (but against the aged and disabled), you escaped and crossed beach road (and I hear belmore road), got lost and rescued by family, by elderly couple and a council worker, escaped to greet our neighbours’ to collect your schmackos and greet their dogs and barked proudly when on walks to boast about being on a walk to the other dogs. How the other dogs will miss you! You tried to push life to the limit. When they said you had cancer 5 years ago, we took you to the best cancer vet and you fought hard to recover and you did, through the sweltering days of black Saturday, with thick bandages around your rotund belly. I thought I would lose you but you proved me wrong with your fighting spirit. Three years ago, you collapsed in the middle of our street. I thought it was arthritis and took you to the vet. They said to put you down. I didn’t believe them and you didn’t either as we sat and balled our eyes on the corner of Footscray street. I went back to our trusty Mentone vet (the best) and they directed me to Advanced Vetcare. You barked there just to hear your bark echo and I knew it wasn’t time to let you go. They said it was diabetes and slowly, together, we brought you back to your normal self with a couple of daily insulin injections. Three years, one more than they originally advised. You were an advanced vetcare frequent flyer and in your last visit your report card was A+. And in doing so, you made time to walk me down the aisle to marry the man that you brought to me with your dog training. Just less than 1 year ago, you had geriatric vestibular which left you with a tilt to your head. We thought that was the last time. You proved us wrong and we had less than an extra year together. The last year you were a shadow – following me to the garden gate, checking why I was still in the bathroom, searching for me in the house, snuggling near me and placing your sweet snout on my laptop to remind me what was more important. You. My mont mont, my monster, my mon Cherie, my angel, my dumpling. One early monday morning, just like that, a stroke took the wind out of you and you couldn’t walk. We hoped it was geriatric vestibular, this time it wasn’t. You tried so hard to walk again but you couldn’t and it broke your heart and you could see it breaking mine. We spent one week together at home, trying to nurse you (and were you trying to nurse me?). This time you asked me to let you go. That was hard. Real hard. But I could never refuse you, you who have given yourself so wholly to me and been my bff as you watched me grow up, grieved with me through my losses and shared my moments of joy. Good bye Monty, keep on smiling and wagging your tail 360 degrees. I’ll see you again my love.
Melbourne, Victoria

Rohan our strong hearted little staffy 15yrs oldpups_014

Rohan, you haven’t gone yet but i stumbled across this site and thought i would do this now as in two days you will be with the rest in doggy heaven maybe this is preemptive i don’t know but we are fetching you home first for your last laugh and love of your world and your beach, all i can say is i love you so much trying to decide what to do best and the best is whats right for you. I want you to know you are so loved and have fetched so much joy in to my life. I remember when i first moved in with Drew and you came in to my life and kept kicking out of the bed hehe but within a month you were tucked under my arm sleeping snuggly and i wouldn’t have it any other way. I remember taking you to beach for the first time and you loved it, swimming out for ages chasing the seagulls, you didnt care about balls or other dogs but swimming out to people saying hi and then on to the next or chasing seagulls lol; we got home and i told drew about you swimming he said in surprise that you couldn’t swim haha well you did for two hours and then the beach trips began many of them to. you have fetched love in to my life you are my child that i cant have, you have made me laugh, protected me and gave me comfort to especially at night tucked up in bed and even on the couch. I remember it took us two years to find a companion for you, you were so fussy up and down to the dog shelter and then we found pheonix to add a sparkle to your life which she did, it was great seeing you have a new lease of life and running around and playing. Then 8 months later we got scooby as well a foster dog who was sick and now became part of the family seeing you chase the two pups down and tell them off was hysterical and putting them in there place. Now 15 years old and remembering being told 5 years ago you only had 6 months to live you proved them wrong and we had so much more time with you. We love you rohan i thank you for what you have given me and even if you drove me crazy the last two years being my shadow every where i went even in the toilet your heading barging open the door to see where i am i don’t regret any of it sleep peaceful my darling you will never leave my heart or soul..xxxx with my love and drews love Pheonix and scooby too are are missed already and forever will be.
Sahara Folan
CLa, Victoria


To our wonderful little Nala 26/11/97 to 10/02/2013 after 15 years you have left us with so many loving memories. You had a character all of your own. You were always with us when we were having bbqs out the back, getting on the table trying to drink out of people’s glasses or cups, pretending to shiver as if you were cold even on hot days to get to come inside, you loved being wrapped in Bek’s flower towel after your bath. There were memories of you sitting in Tez car pretending to drive, always having to share Chris coke and snuggling up to Mitch so I couldn’t put you out. You were forever eating kitti’s food & always running around with Miranda’s 2 kids. You were spoilt when John & Pailin came round always getting let inside within a minute of them arriving. You travelled more than some people do in their life. Living in Tasmania for 8 months then Cairns for 5 years where you didn’t even let Cyclone Larry bother you. There are so so many more memories that we had together. We know you are in heaven now being looked after and playing with John and Georgia and not in pain anymore. You will be always loved and never forgotten. Love Robyn, Miranda, Chris, Terry, Mitch, Bek, Leah, Braiden, Sienna & Pailin. FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS NALA WE LOVE YOU
Brookfield, Victoria

Always loved my Cleo bunnyimg_0700

Cleo it’s been 3 days since we lost you and there has not been a moment that I don’t wish you were here. I remember the day we went to the breeder and chose you from the litter of three. We chose you because you were such a cheeky girl, running around behind your mother and outpacing your brother and sister. We were so fortunate to bring not only you home, but your mother Sasha as well. We were blessed with not just one beautiful Birman, but two! Since that day, there are so many special memories. When you were a kitten you used to leap all over the bed covers, from one flower to the next… all while Sasha was getting some much needed rest! The day we brought you home to our new house, you walked right in and settled in as if you’d lived there forever! You were always such a foodie, you told us when to get up to feed you, and heaven forbid if it wasn’t enough.. you’d meow for more! I think the latest I ever got to sleep in was 7am! I remember your special cuddles, where you’d sneak into bed and lie by my side and purr and purr and purr. The day when you were five years old and we realised you were a sick little girl and rushed you to the vet, to find out you had kidney failure. I was so scared that we would lose our precious girl. We visited you in hospital every day for two weeks. I remember talking to you, telling you how much I loved you. When we finally brought you back home you were so thin, and then we had to give you fluids by IV for two more weeks. You didn’t like it, but you never scratched or bit either of us. You survived on one kidney for five more years. This year, you’d become thin again, the vet did every test under the sun to try and find out why and we didn’t know. Your appetite was still good. A few months ago you started having seizures, the vet gave us medication for you, you were such a good girl – not once did you spit out your medicine or turn away from the food containing your medicine. Then everything changed. On 30 November 2012, I got up out of bed and saw my two familiar feline faces looking at me from the hallway. I said good morning to you both, and we all went downstairs. Then it started, you started seizuring again. I was so frightened and I rang my husband to come home from work, he rushed home only to see you seizuring again for the second time. We went straight to the vet, you were not happy about that and meowed very loudly in the car! You had your third seizure in the vet waiting room. The vet sent us all to Sydney University and you went into intensive care. We visited you there that night, but you were sedated so you may not remember. The next morning the vet called us and told us the news we did not want to hear. Your only kidney had failed. I remember the vets words “she is dying”. We did not want you to suffer a painful death so we made the kindest choice we could. I am still struggling with this choice. We went straight to see you, and spent half an hour with you cuddling you and telling you how much we loved you. I will always remember your beautiful blue eyes looking up at me. You have always been my Cleo bunny, and you always will be. Never forgotten and always loved.
Cleopatra (Cleo) 30 April 2002 – 1 December 2012
Sydney, Australia, New South Wales

Jack Storm219760_10150176237049101_7828068_o

16 years ago we brought home an 8 week old puppy who filled our lives with joy. He became the 3rd child in our lives and a fur brother to my human kids. They grew up together and our son Matt and Jack were always found wrestling, digging up the garden or searching the back yard for bugs. I loved watching them play cricket in the backyard or play touch rugby with Jack always running away with the balls. :o)When he had enough of being roughed around he was always found sitting next to her whilst she played with her dolls or being read books by Dani. He loved helping his Dad out in the backyard and was always “supervising”. Jack, we were blessed to have you in our lives. You were there for me and knew when I needed to cheered up or someone to listen to me. You were excellent at being a foster brother. You welcomed ALL foster dogs I brought home with “open paws” and they all came to you for comfort and love. You will be missed my boy. I love you and can’t wait to get you back home again with us. Sleep tight Jack Storm. Love always, Mum.
Alice Jones
Hoppers Crossing, Victoria


My sweet little Misty. You were the sweetest, most loving and wonderful companion for the last 16 years. You were always with me, beside me and comforted me in hard times. You have only been gone for 4 hours and I miss you so much already. How I long to see your happy little face greeting me at the door, talking to me as only you could and the wonderful cuddles and hugs we shared. The house seems so empty without you. Gypsy and Squeaker, your little sisters miss you. You fought as hard as you could until you had not the strength to fight anymore. I will miss you each and every day until the day we are together again. Rest in peace my little girl, your suffering is at an end and we will be together again. I love you, I miss you and thank you for being the wonderful and loving companion that you were. xxxooo love your mama Jen
Sydenham, Victoria


Our wonderful Mishka… 03/03/1988 – 22/04/2012 We will miss your wonderful soul, your presence within our family, you have brought us so many cherished memories during your 24 years with us. From my morning wake up calls with your cold paws on my face, to head butting me when I ignored you, always being by my side, how you loved your Cat-A-Chino’s every day, it is so hard making coffee now without you standing in line waiting for your daily cuppa. Seeing you sit in the window when returning home, having to share my side of the bed, oh the list goes on, but one remains firmly in my memory – whilst painting Cam’s bed room you walked through the paint tray and we followed your blue paw prints around the house to find you, a mischief to the very end. We love you Mishka and will dearly miss you, we are looking forward to receiving the beautiful bronze Cat Figurine Urn to keep you even closer to us all. R.I.P Beautiful Girl. Love Estelle, Chris and Cameron
Melbourne, Victoria

in loving memory of my cat “Jasper”426050_3293707614194_1012917326_33231526_727059869_n

In loving memory to my beautiful black cat “JASPER” who died suddenly 13/3/12 at the age of 4 yrs old u will b sadly missed but never forgotten RIP im glad u were part of my life for a short period of time and ill always cherish all the memories we have shared love u so much puss xxoo Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….
wyndham vale, Victoria

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